Finding a tradesperson you trust to do good work and charge you a fair price can be an intimidating task. Use these tips, tricks, and tools to help you find, vet, and hire the right tradesperson for your job.

  • Personal recommendations are a great place to start. Ask friends, family members, or even social media who you should call. Be sure to let them know where you need the service, and ask them about their experience.
  • A Google search is the modern day equivalent of the yellow pages. Just type in the trade you’re looking for plus “near me” in the search bar, and hit “submit.” A map of the closest contractors will pop up, along with their contact information. Some may even have reviews, ratings, and links to their websites.
  • Online directories include reviews of service providers cost estimates for their services. Be aware that most of these services require that you sign up for an account OR answer some questions about your project and provide some personal information, like your address.
  • Your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) directory rates local businesses and provides reviews based on customer feedback.

Once you’ve found a tradesperson you’re considering working with, you should always ask for and verify references, as well as a current copy of their license and insurance. Finally, before they perform any work, ask for a quote or estimate.

When the work is completed successfully, it’s time to provide feedback. If the work met your expectations, consider writing an online review that says so. If your technician went above and beyond, be sure to let the owner or manager know. On the other hand, if the experience was sub-par, contact the company directly to discuss, and give them a chance to resolve the issue before you post negative reviews online or contact the BBB.