Roofers save the day when your roof springs a leak, but many go above and beyond routine roof repairs. When hurricane after hurricane slammed the coastal states this year, roofers dedicated their time and skills to turn a path of destruction into a glimmer of hope. When roof damage threatened to shut down facilities that, for many people, are a source of happiness and a saving grace, roofers once again stepped up.

The bottom line is, roofers are tradespeople who hold the unique ability to drastically change a life. The following stories are just a few examples of the life-changing work they are doing:

We all fall on hard times, and help can come in all shapes and sizes. These roofers are just one example of how tradespeople are paying it forward by using their skills to help someone in need.

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Tradespeople offer many unique skills, and while saving lives might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about their work, when immediate action was required the individuals highlighted below didn’t hesitate to step forward and take on the role of superhero.

Doing a little searching and you’ll find that there are countless stories of tradespeople putting on the cape. We scoured the internet and came up with this top four list:

  1. Electrician Joseph Thompson didn’t hesitate to spring into action when his employee alerted him that there was a man in distress. Brandon Moore had been jack-hammering when he got shocked after accidentally hitting the line, leaving him unconscious and his airway blocked by chewing tobacco. Thompson brought the man back to life by performing CPR, making this the second time in a matter of weeks that he saved a life.
  2. Landscaper Josh Thron was mowing a lawn when his client’s 14-year-old neighbor came running to him for help. The teen said her younger sister and brother were trapped in the house after an attempt at baking left the house filled with smoke. Thron was able to get the two children safely out of the house.
  3. Plumber Brian Kipperman immediately ran to help his elderly neighbors when he saw smoke pouring out of their home. Kipperman was able to get everyone out safely, including their two dogs, despite the intense smoke and not wearing any shoes. This isn’t the first time Kipperman didn’t let fear keep him from lending a helping hand; in 2017 he assisted a Las Vegas police officer in getting control of an armed suspect who was struggling to break free.
  4. Roofers did more than just re-shingle a client’s roof while on yet another routine job. When the client alerted them that there was a baby bird left abandoned in a tree, the roofers stopped what they were doing and used a ladder to bring the baby bird down to safety.

Tradespeople work hard to keep things running smoothly. However, their good deeds don’t get nearly the attention they deserve. The above are just a small sampling of the many good works tradespeople do, saving the lives of humans and animals alike.

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When you hear about a good Samaritan, your mind probably immediately goes to an act of kindness performed by a random stranger on a crowded street or to the many fundraisers and benefits being held for people and communities in need. While this is certainly a common example, tradespeople are stepping up to the plate, too, to make a difference in their communities.

Whether it’s the plumber who set sail in a bathtub to raise more than $3,300 for cancer or the construction crew who made a six-year-old’s day by letting him work alongside them, these seven stories will warm your heart and show just how much our fellow tradespeople care:

The truth is, anyone can be a good Samaritan. These tradespeople show just how easy it is to put your skills and passion for helping others to good use, demonstrating that their ability to make a difference reaches far beyond fixing a leak.

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